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Our Mission

Tools to inspire creativity and growth, designed for thinkers and creators.

Our mission is founded on the belief that the right tools can unlock infinite possibilities for creativity and personal development. We design our stationery to serve as a catalyst for thinkers and creators who aspire to explore, innovate, and express their unique visions.

Why we're Different

We incorporate proven methods into our tools, helping you prioritize and find peace. Each item is meticulously designed and crafted, and are meant to be an integral part of your personal growth journey, elevating your creativity and productivity.


Our Values


We empower our communnity to achieve their highest selves by providing tools that enhance clarity, productivity, and personal growth.


We are committed to the highest standards of craftsmanship, ensuring that every piece of stationery we produce is durable, functional, and beautiful.


We prioritize environmental responsibility, using eco-friendly materials and processes to create our products.

A note from our founder

Hi, I'm Grace!

Welcome to Strawberry Goose!

Through personal experience, I discovered that planning out my day was transformative, allowing me to focus more on activities that brought joy and fulfillment into my life. This profound change inspired me to create tools that could help others find the same clarity and happiness in their daily routines.

We believe that the right piece of stationery can turn a routine task into a moment of joy and a spark of inspiration. It's not just about making lists or taking notes—it's about providing a springboard for your ideas and ambitions.

Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your creative and personal growth journey. We are honored to have our products accompany you through the everyday and the extraordinary.

Here's to you and your continued success!